Tiffany Rochelle

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Author, Artist & Organizational Design Consultant

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Tiffany Rochelle was born in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in 1982, the first and only daughter of a very misguided woman living under an assumed alias and a supposedly deceased father.  Although her mother was her primary guardian for most of her childhood, she spent a great deal of time separated from her during her many incarcerations.
Tiffany published the first of what she hopes to be an ongoing series of memoirs, Insane Roots - The Adventures of a Con-Artist and Her Daughter, with Morgan James Publishing in February of 2016.
The second in the series is scheduled for completion in fall of 2020, excerpts of which can be found on her book blog:
Her hope is that these character pieces will offer encouragement and empowerment to readers to embrace life's challenges as lessons in overcoming it's many obstacles.
Author, artist and organizational design consultant, her ability to maintain a positive outlook and find strength in an otherwise dark and chaotic upbringing, rather than let it damage her, has allowed her to become the wildly ambitious and highly motivated entrepreneur she is today.
A true story that carries an empowering message and reads as grippingly as a novel, Insane Roots will both inspire and entertain readers.